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September 28, 2012

Spinach / špinača

Mmm.... ponovno nekaj dobrega. Ti zeleni listki. Edina asociacija Popaj :)
Danes bo v zavitku.

Potrebovala sem:

vlečeno testo - danes ga nisem imela časa pripraviti doma - this is kind of hard to translate. But I would have to say filo dough.
sveže mlade špinače -  fresh young spinach - 0,5kg                      
skuta - curd - 0,5kg
kisla smetana - sour creme - 2 žlici - 2 table spoons
jajce - egg - 2
malo olja - oil
sol - salt
poper - pepper

Kisla smetana z jajcem za pokapljat- Sour creme with an egg for dripping
jajce - egg - 1
kisla smetana - sour creme - 1 žlica - 1 table spoon

spretne roke - skillful hands

Špinačo sem oprala.
V večjo skledo sem dala skuto, kislo smetano, 2 jajčka, sol in malo popra. 
Ter lepo zmešala.
V skutino mešanico sem dodala špinačo, katero sem malo razrezala.
Zopet lepo premešala.
Testo sem pokapljala z oljem.
Potem še park kaplic kisle smetane in jajčka ter mešanica špinače in skute.
Filo vedno razporedim le na polovico testa, da se lažje zavije.
Tehnika zavijanja. Najprej sem zavihala robova na levi in desni strani, da fila ne leze iz testa. Potem pa počasi od konca proti začetku.

Pogled na pekač.
 Pred pečenjem sem še pokapljala z ostankom mešanice jajčka in kisle smetane.
Potem pa v pečico za 30min na 190°C.
Rezultat pa je slika številka 2.

September 22, 2012

Apron - putting it together

The apron was to long, so I had to trim it for 10cm, before finishing it.

All that was needed to be done was to put on the strip that will be a belt. I made a wide red one.
I sew the edges together - left the middle part opened, to insert the apron bottom and upper parts, trimmed the exces fabric in the corners and turned it on the right side, ironed it and made a stitch 2mm from the edge so that it will keep its shape.

September 21, 2012

Apron - the upped and lower part

In the begining I wanted to make it round, but I did some changes, because I think that the buttons wouldn't look so nice on a rounded edge.
So I put together the two parts F to F. In between I put the strip that goes around the neck. Pined it well and sew 1 cm from the edge.
Trimmed the exces fabric, took my overlock and sew on the edges again. After turning it around I ironed it and it was done. I wanted that red heart in the midlle.

The lower part I put together facing F to F and made a stich 1cm from the edge.
Made the same thing on the other side
So it looks like this.

September 17, 2012

Apron - attaching the pocket

I didn't complicate with this so I just put it on the front part and pined it down. For a more secure sewing I made a blind stich to hold the pocket in place on the left and the right side.
I sew the pocket on the front part at the bottom. On the left and the right edges it is sawn in with the left and the right part of the apron.

September 15, 2012

Apron - making the pocket

I wanted a pocket in the front lower part.To make it bigger I put in a pliese.
It is a sewed on pocket with a pliese in the midle to make it bigger. On the top and the bottom I ended it with a piece of fabric, so there was no need to use my overlock.
For easyer sewing I pre ironed it first in half and then each half in half, so I got a strip with four parts.

I put the strip on the fabric F to F (face to face) and sew on the 3/4 ironed line.
Then fold the strip in it "natural" position, pined it and made the second stich 1 mm from the edge.
 And on the other side the same.

September 14, 2012

Apron - drawing for real and cutting it out

I drew the pattern on the paper.
When I saw how it looked in actual size I already made some adjustements.
After I cut the pattern out I put it on the fabric and before cutting that out I took into consideration that I need 1 cm on the left and right adges for sewing. I didn't add anything to the lenght, because I think it will be long enough.

September 9, 2012

Apron - first the smaller version

I will first make a smaller version. Just to repeat how I will put it together.
So the first - testing apron is going to be for my niece.

I drew all the singel parts out and I tried to fit them with her measurements.
It is better to make it to  large, because she will grow in it or I can cut is shorter.

September 7, 2012

Apron - sketching it...

I wanted to make an apron.
One that would be useful. This is how I thought I would like it to come out in the end.
The lower and upper part are going to be in the same color and the belt and straps in a diferent contrasting color. And I want to have two big white buttons on the top part in the corner. And an usefull pocket in the lower part.