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August 24, 2012

Biscuits in the summer - piškoti poleti

I made these delicious walnut biscuits with marmalade filling on top as a treat for a short weekend trip with my family.

600g moke600g plain flour
250g mletih orehov250 g of grounded walnuts
2 jajci2 eggs
2 rumenjaka2 egg yolks
200g sladkorja200g sugar
400g masla400g butter
4 čž vanilijevega sladkorja4ts vanilla sugar

Some suggest blackcurrant jam, but my favorite for this is mixed jam or perhaps  strawberry or plum jam. It has to be solid. I used about 4 table spoons of jam, but I made big holes to fill it in.

For this step I use my machine to whisk it together.
In a large bowl I put in the butter, sugar and vanilla sugar and I whisked it together to a "foamy" consistent or mix until it is well mixed and soft. 

Add the eggs and the egg yolks and mix well again.

Add the flour and mix lightly with a spatula then add the grounded walnuts. I didn't need the spatula for long, because the dough was starting to come together. At the end I used my hands to combine it well and make a ball from a nice soft dough. 

It had to rest for two hours in the refrigerator.

When the time passed I took out only a part of the dough. The rest was still cooling in the refrigerator.
I first rolled it out to a "snake" and cut it into - what I tried to be - even pieces.

From each piece I made a ball, put in on a tray - that was lined with baking paper and took my wooden spoon and made a small hole in the middle. Then I carefully put the marmelade in the hole. When the tray was ready I baked it at 190°C for 14min.

After 13min I took one out and because it was golden-brown on the bottom side I knew they were done.

From the owen I put them carefully on a cooling rack to cool and sprinkle it with some icing sugar.

Now I have to put them somewhere save so no one will eat them until the weekend.

And I heard from the other room "Good luck with that".

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