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November 9, 2012

Lisbon - Braga - match day

Early in the morning we checked out and we walked to the Sete Rios coatch station. When we came there we first had some “cafe con leite” – coffe with milk and Pasteis de Nata.

The drive from Lisbon to Braga was nice. The first stop was in Fatima and the second in Porto and from there it was only 45min to Braga.

Braga was great. We had the hotel in the centre and for some Sagres I didn't have to go far, there was an Irish pub just around the corner.
The stadium is unique and interesting. It has rocks on two sides.
The match was great. I was even few times on TV. I was there in the fifth row.

After the match we walked back to the hotel. We did try to get a taxi but it was impossible and in just 30min we were back in the hotel.

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